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Feel free to explore the first of its kind, interactive map of Kurdistan, her cities and attractions online. Simply follow the geographic landmarks, click on either a city of interest or an attraction of any sort to read more about it and enjoy pictures from the location. The content is compiled from contributions of various travellers, online books, encyclopedia etc.,

Which all together offer an insigth into how to get there, what to do there along with historical information. This way KURDMAPS aims to lift both the manmade and intellectual borders encapsulating the "Country of the Mountains", "The Fertile Crescent" or simply Kurdistan and welcomes all visitors to further explore the country for any purpose of need: education, tourism, research and much more.

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kurdmaps / 22 02 2017

Duhok City - A worth visited place

Duhok City is the focal point of Duhok prefecture (governorate) one of the primary urban areas in Kurdistan Region. It a

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