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We transform information into pictures. We are prevailing with regards to mechanizing the way toward changing geographic information into guide representation. This implies we can deliver maps in higher quality, speedier and less expensive than was conceivable some time recently. Thanks for stopping by here Team KURDMAPS!

Our philosophy

We don’t lose our esteem and your trust by supplying you bad material. You are able to gather as much of information about Kurdistan as you can

What we want to serve you?

Don't hesitate to investigate the first of its kind, intelligent guide of Kurdistan, her urban areas and attractions on the web. Essentially take after the geographic milestones, tap on either a city of intrigue or a fascination of any kind to peruse more about it and appreciate pictures from the area.

The substance is assembled from commitments of different voyagers, online books, reference book and so forth- Which all together offer knowledge into how to arrive, what to do there alongside recorded data. Along these lines KURDMAPS means to lift both the synthetic and scholarly fringes exemplifying the "Nation of the Mountains", "The Fertile Crescent" or just Kurdistan and respects all guests to promote investigate the nation for any motivation behind need: instruction, tourism, research and a great deal more.

Our goal

A data is just comparable to the information used to make it. We will probably have the capacity to create maps with a similar level of detail for the whole Kurdistan. It required us a ton of push to acquire, prepare and assemble the information from different sources into a solitary information layer reasonable for creating the maps.

For understudies, explorers, analysts, teachers, the layman . . . pretty much everybody. We have physical maps, political maps, clear maps, plot maps, topical maps - a stunning gathering you can continue endlessly perusing. In the meantime, we have devoted channels for fund, travel, and different zones of information and fun. Much of information from here as you can

Ever since it has been developed, we are focused on just one thing- produce high quality map about Kurdistan and our struggle has ended up making our website one of the best guiding site out there.

Come on, the KURDMAPS is welcoming you! Success!