Sulaimani - Slemani Museum

The museum is located on Salem Street in Sulaimani.

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The museum is located on Salem Street in Sulaimani.

The Slemani Museum was first established in July 1961 and was originally located in downtown. Then it moved to its current location in 1979. However, the museum was closed between 1980-1988 due to the Iraq-Iran war. It was closed again during the invasion of Kuwait, the Gulf War, and the Kurdish uprising. It was most recently re-opened in 2000. The museum is housed in a 6000 SQ meter two-story facility.
The museum contains artifacts from as far back as the Paleolithic period and as recent as the Baban Dynasty. Many ancient Sumerian writings, pottery, and stamp seals are amongst the collection.

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For more details please contact the museum by email: or phone: +9640533200609.

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