Kurdistan is exceptionally beautiful in its unique way. But the creature on this planet isn't enough sensible to accept it!

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Going to Kurdistan surprisingly you will see that its most conspicuous geophysical element is mountains. There is an expression among Kurds: 'no companions however the mountains' eluding to abusing states/neighbors and despots encompassing the locale.

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We love our mountains

The mountains are critical to Kurds. They have not just formed the history, individuals, convention, and culture; they have additionally been utilized all the more basically as dens for Kurdish Peshmerga and guerrillas battling persecuting administrations.

The zone is made basically out of the focal and northern Zagros, the eastern 66% of the Taurus and Pontus, and the northern portion of the Amanus Mountains. The two expansive, confined Kurdish enclaves are in the Rivand statures of the eastern segment of the Alburz Mountains of northeastern Iran, in the territory of Khurasân, and in the focal Pontian Mountains in focal and north-focal Anatolia

Kurdish areas end unexpectedly where the fields start. Northern Kurdistan has the most astounding normal rise. Focal Kurdistan, then again, has the most minimal normal height, with the hottest, regularly mild, an atmosphere in all of Kurdistan. Alternate segments of the land go between these two extremes.

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Specialty of mountains

The Kurdish mountains frame a defense to the Iranian and Anatolian Plateaus toward the east and west, separately, isolating them from the level fields of Arabia toward the south and southwest, and the Black Sea bowl toward the north. The focal massif runs the whole length of Kurdistan from one end to the next like a relentless spinal segment.

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