The popular watermelon from Diyarbakir - wow this is just amazing

watermelons in Kurdistan are amazingly tasty and full of medicinal benefits. try out once you would demand more

One of the biggest urban areas in south-eastern Turkey, Arranged on the banks of the Tigris River, it is the managerial capital of the Diyarbakir Province. With a populace of around 930,000, it is the second biggest city in Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia Region, after Gaziantep.

Diyarbakir is considered the unofficial capital of Turkish Kurdistan. As such, it has been a focal point for conflict between Turkey's government and Kurdish insurgent groups.

An individual from the Curcubitaceae (cucumber) family, the watermelon (Turkish: karpuz) starts in the tropical locales of Africa. Watermelon development has spread all through numerous districts of the world, and today there are about 500 assortments in development. 20% of the world's watermelons are brought up in Turkey, particularly in the area of Diyarbakir.


Watermelons were known in old Egypt, where they show up on frescos. From that point, they spread to the nations of the Mediterranean. Referred to in old Turkish as büken, the natural product was referred to the Chinese as "western melon," and to the Arabs as "Indian melon"

Watermelons and Turkish - Kurdistan

Turkey has significant watermelon hereditary assets, which primarily comprise of nearby genotypes.  These genotypes are effectively developed between the spring and pre-winter. The south-eastern district of Turkey is a micro-genre focus (birthplace) of the family Curcubitaceae. Watermelon is the most vital and regular vegetable species in the area.

The major watermelon sorts delivered in Diyarbakir are Sürme, Beyazk, Karak, Erik, and Pembe. In any case, as it were the first 3 of these sorts were generally developed and got to be distinctly imperative in the district. These must have been impervious to maladies and bugs as a result of their hereditary properties and these sorts were likewise favored by fruit lovers. 

Diyarbakir watermelons are likewise picking up in ubiquity, as they are perfect for trade due to their size and imperviousness to insects and pests. After collect, they can keep longer without degeneration, giving a long promotion time

Most unique watermelon of Diyarbakir

Sürme is the most well-known sort on the grounds that it is the biggest in the nation (>50 kg). Also to market adequacy, Diyarbakir watermelon sorts have satisfactory yield, having adjusted to the creation territories in south-eastern Turkey.

This Diyarbakir watermelon, additionally picking up in ubiquity, as they are perfect for send out in view of their size and imperviousness to bugs. After reap, they can be kept for longer duration without getting degenerated, giving a long trade time. 

 Watermelon juice protects the liver; kidney and mind tissues from CCl4 poisonous material and this defensive impact of watermelon juice might be because of its cell reinforcement movement and restraint of lipid peroxide development.


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