Five factual stories by Kurds... Where is the Human Right Organization????

STORIES BY KURDS / February 08, 2017 1

Main story

The greatest nation on earth with no sort of confidence, the Kurds, numbering 30 Million, live in a nation that was partitioned among four states after World War I. Unrepresented at the U.N., on the other hand, any overall stage, fundamental issues about the Kurds are analyzed on the planet capitals, yet Kurdish voices are now and again tuned in.

Story 2

With the annihilation of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the partners made the advanced Middle-East. And keeping in mind that the Treaty of Sevres accommodated a free Kurdistan, it was never confirmed. In 1923 the settlement of Lausanne made the cutting edge conditions of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, yet Kurdistan was disregarded. Amid Turkey's war for autonomy, Turkish pioneers guaranteed Kurds a Turkish-Kurdish combined state as an end-result of their help with the war. After freedom was accomplished, be that as it may, they disregarded the deal they had made.

Story 3

The greatest parts of the Kurdish nation fall inside the cut-off points of Turkey and Iraq, with Iran and Syria ensuring a more diminutive share. Each one of the four states, together with the "super powers", have appreciated effective limitation against the Kurds, while on occasion selecting "other's" Kurds into their rivalries.

Viciousness in Turkey's transcendently Kurdish southeast has surged after a truce between the nation's decision Justice and Development party (AKP) and the PKK went into disrepair last July, leaving the three-year peace prepare shredded and restoring a contention that has taken a toll more than 40,000 lives since 1984.

Story 4

In the late spring of a year ago, Kurdish activists declared nearby regulatory self-rule for a few Kurdish urban communities and locale, including Sur. Ankara, frightened by the likelihood of Kurdish self-manage along the lines of that which exists on Turkey's fringes with Syria and Iraq, reacted with a savage crackdown. Cover curfews were forced for quite a long time.

In Sur alone, more than 100 individuals were executed as Turkish security strengths utilized tanks and overwhelming mounted guns against Kurdish aggressors who uncovered trenches and set booby traps. The vicious conflicts over the locale have ruined to whole neighborhoods, dislodging the greater part a million people in a nation that as of now has 2.7 million Syrian displaced people.

Story 5

In the mid-nineties, the Kurds figured out how to get their delegates chose to the Turkish parliament. Notwithstanding, the outcome was deplorable. The individuals from parliament from the legitimate Kurdish gathering were stripped of their established resistance and dragged out of the parliament by the police to be captured. Four of them are as yet serving terms in jail, their lone wrongdoing being to request the acknowledgment of social privileges of the Kurdish individuals, something which is synonymous with supporting the PKK psychological militants for Turkey. Since the eighties, no less than two Kurdish gatherings were announced "unlawful" and shut by Turkish courts.

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