Kurdish Attraction

Visit the Switzerland of Middle East – Kurdistan.

  • Mizgefta Jelil Xayat, Hewler (South Kurdistan)

    The Jalil Khayat mosque, Mizgefta Jelil Xayat, which resembles in style the Muhammad Ali m

  • GötebekliTepe, Riha (North Kurdistan)

      An archaeological site at the top of a mountain ridge in the Southeastern Anatolia

  • Fish Lake Urfa

    The legendary Holy Fish Lake (in Turkish: Balıklıgöl)in Urfa (in Kurdish: Riha) is

  • Sahoolan Cave

    Mahabad, West Azarbaijan prov, IRNA-Sahoolan water cave situated 43 kms to the southeast o

  • Sulaimani - Red Security Prison Museum

    The Red Security Prison is thus called due to the reddish color of the stucco mud used as

  • Sulaimani - Slemani Museum

    The museum is located on Salem Street in Sulaimani.

  • Grand Mosque

    The Great Mosque of Sulaimani is located in the city center Sulemani,Iraq.The Great M

  • Sulaimani - Goizha Mountain

    Goizha Mountain overlooks the city of Sulaimani from the northeast.

  • Sulaimani - Dukan Lake

    Dukan Lake is located about 70km outside of Sulaimani.

  • Sulaimani - Azadi Park

    Azadi Park can be found in the center of Sulaimani.  

  • Sulaimani - Aram Gallery

    The Aram Gallery is located near Azadi Park in the city center of Sulaimani.

  • Sulaimani - Ahmad Awa Waterfall

    The Ahmad Awa waterfalls (also spelled in several variations) are located 84km east of Sul

  • Soran - Jundyan Waterfall

    The Jundyan waterfall is on the slope of the Handren Mountain located in the Rawanduz Gorg

  • Soran - Gali Ali Beg Waterfall

      The Gali Ali Beg waterfall is located in the forest of the Zagros Mountains, about

  • Soran - Bekhal Waterfall

    The Bekhal waterfall is located in the Rawanduz Gorge in the Zagros Mountains, about 62km

  • Shaqlawa - Raban Buya Cave

    The cave is located in the foothills of Safeen Mountain near the village of Shaqlawa, abou

  • Rawanduz - Pashai Gawra Castle

    Pashai Gawra Castle is located in the Soran district of the Erbil Governorate. Pashai Gawr

  • Erbil - Kurdish Textile Museum

    The Kurdish Textile Museum is located in one of the historic homes inside the Hawler Citad

  • Erbil - Qaysari Bazaar

    The Qaysari (also spelled Qaisari) bazaar can be found next to the citadel in downtown Erb

  • Erbil - Parliament

    The parliamentary building of the Kurdistan Regional Government is located in downtown Erb

  • Erbil - Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage

    The Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage (IICAH) is housed in

  • Qalat Hewler

    Location The Hawler Citadel also called the Citadel of Erbil (other spellings include Irbi

  • Meryemana

    Location Meryemana, also called the House of the Virgin Mary, is located near the Turkish

  • Pank Resort

    The Pank Resort is located in the Rawanduz Gorge in the forest of the Zagros Mountains, ab

  • Jarmo

      Jarmo is an archeaological site in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains in norther

  • Cheekha Mountain

      Cheekha Mountain is located northwest of the town of Haji Omran, about 81km northea

  • Bradost Mountain

        Bradost Mountain is located about 66km northeast of Erbil in the Zagros Moun

  • Pira Delal

    Pira Delal, also called the Stone Bridge, is in the town of Zakho in the autonomous Kurdis

  • Slemani Museum

      The museum is located on Salem Street in Sulaimani.   The Slemani Museum was f

  • Red Security Prison Museum

      The museum is located on Bekhud Street in Sulaimani.   The Red Security Prison

  • Syriac Heritage Museum

      The Syriac Heritage Museum, also known as the Ankawa Museum, is located in the Chri

  • Shanidar Park

    Shanidar Park is located on Halabja Street in downtown Erbil, directly opposite to Minara

  • Minaret Choli

    Minaret Choli is located on the edge of Minara Park in downtown Erbil.   Named after

  • Minara Park

    Minara Park is located off of Halabja Street opposite the Central Bank of the Region in do

  • Lebanese French University

    The Lebanese French University (LFU) campus is located off 100 Meter Road, just south of M

  • Khanzad Castle

    The Khanzad castle is on the Erbil-Shaqlawa road about 15 km outside the city of Erbil.&nb

  • Halgurd Mountain

    Halgurd Mountain is located 170km northeast of Erbil. Some of the nearby villages include

  • Sami Abdul Rahman Park

    Sami Abdul-Rahman Park is located on the west side of Erbil, alongside Sixty Meter Street

  • Deween Castle

    The Deween Castle, also known as Salahaddin's Fortress, is about 30km northeast of the cit

  • Civilization Museum

    The Erbil Civilization Museum is located on Salam Barzani Street opposite to the City Hall

  • Ankawa

    The name "Ankawa" is a derivative of  Amko or Amka, which is the name of the gate of

  • Chamchamal Prison

    Chamchamal prison is located in the small town of Chamchamal, west of Sulaimani province i

  • Potbelly Hill

    Potbelly Hill, or Gobekli Tepe in Turkish, is an ancient archeological site located on the

  • Munzur Valley

    Munzur Valley is a scenic national park area near the town of Tunceli (aka Dersim) in sout

  • Jalil Khayat Mosque

    Jalil Khayat Mosque, an especially beautiful and notable architectural site in Erbil, is a

  • Dicle Bridge

    The Dicle Bridge, also called the Silvani Bridge or the Pira Dehderî Bridge, is loca

  • Nineveh

    Nineveh is on the opposite side of the Tigris River to the city of Mosul, Iraq.   Nin

  • Citadel of Cizre

    The Citadel of Cizre is located in the small town of the same name which had a 2013 popula

  • Temple of Anahita

    The Temple of Anahita is located in the town of Kangavar in the Kermanshah Province of Ira

  • Taq-e Bostan

    Taq-e Bostan, a notable archeological site of ancient origins, is located in a village of

  • Shanidar Cave

    The archaeological spectacle called Shanidar Cave is located in the autonomous Kurdistan R

  • Ishak Pasha Palace

    Ishak Pasha Palace is a building complex located in the Doğubeyazıt district of Ağrı p

  • Hosap Castle

    Hosap Castle is a medieval fortress located in the Wan Province of the Eastern Anatolia re

  • Dara

      Dara (also called Daras) is an old fortress now located in the village of Oğuz in

  • Mount Ararat

    Mount Ararat, the site believed to be the landing location of Noah's Ark, is in eastern Tu

  • Mount Nemrud

    Mount Nemrud (also spelled Nemrut) is located in the Eastern Taurus mountain range in sout

  • Hawler Citadel

    The Hawler Citadel, also called the Citadel of Erbil (other spellings include Irbil or Arb

  • Heskîf (Hasankeyf)

    Hasankeyf, a city of ancient origins, is presently located in the Batman Province of south