Temple of Anahita

The Temple of Anahita is located in the town of Kangavar in the Kermanshah Province of Iran.


Although some controversy exists as to the exact function, origin, and date of  the Temple of Anahita, at least one account portrays that it was built by Artaxerxes II who was the Achaemenian Emperor from 404-359 BC. The temple was erected in honor of the female guardian angel of the waters, Ardevisur Anahita.[i] 


The building is constructed of large stone blocks in a style like that of other western Iranian buildings from that time period.  The walls are very thick at almost 60 feet in places and bilateral stairs attach to the walls. A cemetery exists along the eastern wall in which those buried there have been faced towards the temple.[ii] 



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To visit the Temple of Anahita take the road between Tehran and Kermanshah to the village of Kangavar in the valley of Asad-abad. The ruins of the temple are just beside the road.

Another nearby site of historical interest are the arches in the town of Taq-e Bostan.