Jalil Khayat Mosque

Jalil Khayat Mosque, an especially beautiful and notable architectural site in Erbil, is also sometimes called the Great Mosque. Its' minarets can be viewed from nearly any street in the city. The beautiful interior and exterior tiles, inscriptions, archways, domes, and gates provide ample photographic and spiritual experiences.


Jalil Khayat Mosque is the largest mosque in Erbil and the building was completed in 2007. The title of Jalil Khayat comes from the name of the wealthy sponsor of the project. The lavish building and grounds are on a 15,000 square meters lot. The mosque's first Mawlood was held March 31, 2007 as one of the first ceremonies held in the new building.[i] 



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The mosque is located at 60 Meter Street in Erbil. To get to the mosque tourists may walk, take a taxi, or take a minibus.