Deween Castle

The Deween Castle, also known as Salahaddin's Fortress, is about 30km northeast of the city of Erbil on the way to the city of Salahaddin. 


The history of the Deween Castle is not well known, but it is thought to have been built by the Zarzariya tribe who were related to the grandfather of the famed Kurdish soldier named Salahaddin. Only ruins remain of the castle with no preservation at all.[i]



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To visit, a private taxi may be hired in Salahaddin. On the road heading south of Salahaddin, towards Erbil, look for a gravel road passing through grazing lands and small villages. Follow until you see the ruins atop a hill. There are no signs and some locals will not even know the way.

Caution: Minefields are present in the area surrounding the ruins. They are marked by red painted rocks. Do not stray from the trail leading to the ruins.