Siirt (Sêrt)

Siirt is a small city in the Siirt Province of southeastern Turkey. The population as of 2013 was approximately 136,000.[i] The two primary ethnicities are Kurd and Turk.[ii] 



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There are several simply restaurants and cafes with traditional foods like büryan kebab, but tasting the offerings at the bazaar is even better with locally produced pomegranates, honey, and unique cheeses. Great Mosque
This mosque is dated to around 1122 AD and attracts many visitors. The contrasting red bricks and turquoise tiles on the minaret are especially eye-catching, ornate, and highly photographed.

Goat-hair blankets are the prized souvenir handmade in Siirt. That and many other unusual finds can be found at the market bazaars. Ask a local resident about days and locations.
There are a few very basic hotels in Siirt, but none seem to offer online reservations, so visitors need to call or arrive in-person to reserve a room.

The city of Siirt is located along the Bühtan River near the Taurus Mountain foothills. There are some heavily forested areas nearby and mountainous plateaus suitable for livestock grazing and grain agriculture. The area surrounding Siirt is also the top location for oil production in Turkey. The oil is sent to Batman and Iskenderun for refinement.[i]

The climate is borderline between being continental or Mediterranean. The average high in July and August is 98°F, while the average low in January is 30°F.[ii]

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There is a domestic airport in Siirt with connecting flights to Ankara and Istanbul. Some tourist buses will drive customers to Siirt -- Siirt Petrol is one example of such a business. Within the city, there is at least one car rental company for ground transportation.