Kurdish Restaurants

Kurdish foods are of the most captivating things.

  • Restaurants in Kermanshah

    Parisian Hotel Restaurant - Located on the top floor of the hotel, this restaurant offers

  • Restaurants in Mahabad

    Cook Fast Food - A quick dining option with American style hamburgers, pizzas, and other i

  • Restaurants in Sulaymaniyah

    Karino - This modernly decorated restaurant features foods inspired from a variety of inte

  • Restaurants in Hewler

    Scoop Restaurant - Located on Airport Road, this eatery features an assortment of meals in

  • Restaurants in Mardin

    Sadik Kunefe - Located in the old part of Mardin on Yenisehir Mah, this dessert cafe offer

  • Restaurants in Riha

    AltIn LokantasI - Serving a variety of Turkish salads and entrees, this traditionally styl

  • Restaurants in Amed

    Safran - Located on the top floor of the Liluz hotel, the Safran restaurant offers guests